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Age 51, female, 5 years work experience:

I have been working as a care assistant of elderly people since January 2012. What is of highest importance for me is to ensure safety and comfort to those people and to make their daily routines easier by providing help.

Age 47, female, 4 years work experience:

I am applying for this job because I like helping elderly people.  Helping them makes me happy and gives me satisfactions. I feel that I am doing something good and wonderful.  When my mother was alive she was very sick and very much depended on me. During that time when I was looking after her , I understood what an old age is about.

Age 36, female, 3 years work experience:

I have worked as a care assistant for 3 years till now. My main priority is to help those who are in need. I enjoy working and communicating with all kinds of people. Helping others makes me happy and this is why I decided to educate myself in care assistance.

Age 55, female, 5 years work experience:

I am hard-working, reliable, polite, patient and honest person. I am extremely dedicated to my work and always try to do my best.I have been working as a care worker in England,Nederland and France with different kinds of people.